To love God and love people,

we're a church of disciples making disciples,

training leaders to transform the world for the kingdom of God. 

G O L D  C O A S T   
Campus Leader: Ps Rod 

Core Leaders: Jeanette, Ainslie and David 

​​Y A R R A W O N G A     
Senior Leaders: Keith and Peka  
ILC Governance Team: Keith, Peka, Terry, Stu, Libby, Dan, Karen, Darrin

Intercessory Prayer Team Leader: Libby

​Women and Youth Oversite: Karen

Life Group and Pastoral Care Training: Greg 

Community Connect: Andrew and Rachael
Senior Youth Leaders: Siti and Courtney 
Young Adults: Bowen, Darrin and Zoe

Bible College: Caz and Greg

Worship 101: Peka

Known for their inspirational leadership and missional hearts, Ps Keith and Ps Peka Walters come from an evangelical pentecostal background and seek to spread the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Originally from New Zealand, the calling of ministry led them to what was then ‘Life Community Church’ which is now the Ignite Life Churches with multiple campuses both here and overseas. The journey to this point has been incredible and the best part is, "it's only the beginning!" 

This amazing couple are a genuine ministry team. To further the kingdom of God and spread the love of Christ lays at the heart of everything they do. They are proud parents of four adult children, two daughter inlaws, a son inlaw and one soon to be son inlaw and are Nan 'n Poppa to one grandson. Life is good!

IGNITE KIRA, UGANDA             

Ps. Stephen Mukonjo  


Ps. John Mwesige 

At Ignite Life Church our core values matter to us.

(Ex 33:15,16)               Anticipating for God to show up matters.

(John 15:12)                                           Loving people matters.

(Ps 105:1)                           Missions to reach the world matters.

(Matt 5:23,24)                Starting and finishing together matters.

(John 12:49)                                    Prayerful response matters.

(Rom 12:2)                         Living out lives of influence matters.

(Matt 28:19,20)                      Passing on the good news matters.

(John 8:24)                                         Being faith filled matters.

(Luke 6:38)                                                  Generosity matters.

(Romans 5:1,2)               Living life in wide open spaces matters.

Our Values


Senior Pastors Keith & Peka Walters

​M E L B O U R N E         
Melbourne Church is in stasis as we regroup to redefine what church looks like for us in Melbourne through God. Never fear people Firelife is in the pot cooking! Oversight Senior Leaders Ps. Keith and Ps Peka

Core Leaders: ​Bowen Purcell, Keryn Walters & Ryan Trinder-James 

C O B R A M     
Oversight Senior Leader: Ps. Peka  

Campus Pastor: Darrin and Zoe 
Men's Ministry: Geoff and Rob
Core Leaders: Zoe, Joy, Jonno and Fiona

Our Vision And Purpose