Sundays @ ILC The Shed

6 Melaleuca St Yarrawonga

9.30am Prayer 10.00am Start

Life Group is our way of bonding with each other on a deeper and meaningful level through more personal connection. This allows us to get to know each other better as a people and to provide us with an interconnected network where we can simply be there for one another in all of life’s ebbs and flows.

In our life groups, we look towards creating an atmosphere of learning and sharing about the Word of God and how we can walk it on a daily basis. This is where we are able to hear and share amazing testimonies, experience God through prayer and worship and enjoy fellowship.

As a church we welcome you to join us in our life groups and please feel free to get in contact with the one that is closest to you! For further information head towards the 'Our Campuses' link. 

RIOT is our youth program at Ignite Life Church. We exist to bring revival in our town as the acronym stands for ‘R.I.O.T’. Currently placed in Yarrawonga and drawing also from Cobram we encourage young teenagers to come join us in having some fun within a safe and positive environment.

We focus on growing in friendships and getting to know about the life of Jesus. We operate every Friday night on a school term usually from 6:30 – 8:30pm. If you are wanting to get involved in RIOT or have any questions, please see below for more details or possible contacts. 


IGNITE LIFE church outreaches to the community through a number of different ways.

Here on the ground in Yarrawonga each year through Christmas Hamper Appeal, acting as a winter blankets depot and distributer for the disadvantaged, running youth activities and events every Friday and providing financial counseling and advice for those in our local communities. Our driving factor is to follow the call of God to care for those that are in need of support and to provide the basic needs that all humans deserve.  



​We serve God as one church that meets in many locations. In Yarrawonga, Cobram, Gold Coast, Kira Town Kampala and Gweri Village Fort Portal, Uganda. Our Melbourne church is on leave in pursuit of a new paradigm as we seek to serve God in the city.