OUTREACH is going Over and above the norm                                            to bring a message that is Uplifting and encouraging to
                a people looking for Transformation from the negative to the positive        OUTREACH is a vehicle to Raise the awareness of the need of others                               looking for ways to Extend a hand of help and friendship                                            in the spirit of Assistance NOT the spirit of dictatorship                          OUTREACH is about the Change of mindsets causing paradigms to include             the purpose of knowing Him, the one to whom all will bow one day                                                HIS NAME IS JESUS

                                                                                          P Walters 2019

IGNITE LIFE Yarrawonga church reaches out to the community through RIOT youth on Fridays, midweek life groups for all ages, counseling services for woman's support and men's support groups plus much more. In Carnarvon Western Australia we assist the Davidsons financially with the indigenous community they walk with. There is also Wolfgang and Diane Sue in Isan, the least gospel reached province of Thailand, whom we provide care and help to. In Uganda we have an NGO through which we do a lot of missions based helps. Primary schools in Gweri and Kyenjojo, contemporary churches in Gweri and Kampala, a Leaders Bible College, business micro banking scheme, refugee camp care and Fort Portal Prison ministry where we provide help to the local wardens wife with educating the inmates. Our driving factor is to follow the call of God to care for those that are in need of support and to provide the basic needs that all humans deserve. Along the way, we are centred around sharing the love of Christ and the good news that we believe is the answer to all needs.


The RIOT Youth program is our way of outreaching to the young demographic within our town.

RIOT Youth exists to bring revival in our town. We seek to do this by empowering teenagers to win their generation for Christ. We run Friday night events for teenagers to gather in a safe environment to have great fun, be challenged and encounter God. We are passionate about connecting with young people, encouraging them to dream big and to thrive in life.​

missions and outreach  

As an established non-for-profit organisations within Uganda, we are transforming communities and lives one at a time. By developing a sustainable development pathway, we believe in addressing issues of poverty and injustice.