As an established non-for-profit organisations within Uganda, we are transforming communities and lives one at a time. By developing a sustainable development pathway, we believe in addressing issues of poverty and injustice.


The RIOT Youth program is our way of outreaching to the young demographic within our town.

RIOT Youth exists to bring revival in our town. We seek to do this by empowering teenagers to win their generation. We run Friday night events for teenagers to gather in a safe fostered environment to have some fun and encounter God. We are passionate about connecting with young people, encouraging them to dream big and to thrive at life.​

missions and outreach  

IGNITE LIFE church outreaches to the community through a number of different ways. This is both here on the ground within our local communities and abroad. Our driving factor is to follow the call of God to care for those that are in need of support and to provide the basic needs that all humans deserve.  Along the way, we are centred around sharing the love of Christ and the good news that we believe is the answer to all of our needs.