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Travis Hargreaves (0435 034 949)

Fitzgeralds Life group: 

contact Norm Fitzgerald (0434 393 600)

Fergusons Life group:

contact Jacque Young (0408 214 659)

Married Couples Life group:

contact Ps. Keith Walters (0447 432 135)


Men's Life group:

contact Terry Hargreaves ( 0428 441 221)

Soaring Eagles:

contact Shirley Rogers (0490 378 703) 


Women's Life group:

contact Carolyn Duns (0419 304 515) 

Youth Leaders Life group: 

contact Siti Bainokoro (0432 217 491) 

Young Adults:

contact Ps. Darrin Clarke (0400 387 628)  

Zoe Clarke (0432 421 733) 


6 Melaleuca St, Yarrawonga


Service Times

10am Sunday

This week Greg gave us a great word focused on the reality in our lives of where does our approval come from? or who do we seek approval from? its so easy to want and crave the approval of everyone around us,but doing that can mean that we compromise our relationship with God for the approval of people. but it should be the other way around. Be blessed!

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Known for their inspirational leadership and missional hearts, Ps. Keith and Peka Walters come from an evangelical pentecostal background and seek to spread the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Originally from New Zealand, the calling of ministry led them to what was then ‘Life Community Church’ which is now the Ignite Life Churches with multiple campuses both here and overseas. The journey to this point has been incredible and the best part is, "this is only the beginning!" 

This amazing couple are a genuine ministry team. To further the kingdom of God and spread the love of Christ lays at the heart of everything they do. Proud parents of four adult children and respective wives and husbands and one gorgeous grandson.  





Senior Pastors Keith & Peka Walters